Seeed Technology is an innovative IoT
technology company

Seeed Technology (also known as, Seeed Studio) is an innovative IoT technology company, which specializes in hardware research, production and sales for edge computing, network communication, and smart sensing applications. Moreover, the company provides a wide variety of R&D support and services for customized products.


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Smart Sensing

In Seeed Studio’s Smart Sensing product family, both modules and devices co-exist. The sensing and expansion modules are important components to build smart sensors, by providing functions like data collection and conversion, as well as command execution. Users can connect a variety of sensor modules to build their own smart systems to collect data and execute commands. The smart sensing devices are usually composed of computing modules, sensing modules, and communication modules. Equipped with different sensing modules, the sensing devices can collect, analyze, process, correct various data, and transmit it to a gateway or central server.

Edge Computing

Seeed Studio provides both modules and devices for edge computing. The modules, being the core components of IoT devices, are geared with computing capability. Users can program and implement custom functions by connecting with external modules, so that they can work automatically as a whole system according to preset algorithms and

processes. Edge computing devices are terminal devices equipped with computing functions and artificial intelligence algorithms. They can be deployed as local computing centers to store and analyze data.

Network Communication

SeeedStudio’s network communication products are available in the form of modules and devices. On the one hand, communication module refers to a hardware module integrating baseband, radio frequency, power supply, storage and other electronic components. Furthermore, it is equipped with embedded software to provide network transmission for IoT systems. On the other hand, a communication device refers to a dedicated hardware equipment, which connects the nodes of IoT terminals to each other so as to form an information communication network.

Ecosystem Partners

Seeed has been fueling industrial digitalization by applying IoT solutions jointly with ecosystem partners. In this ecosystem, there are global developers, technology providers, hardware partners, cloud partners, solution partners, trusted system integrators, and distributors.

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