About the UWB PK-1000

What is UWB


I happened to get acquainted with thecommunication technology, UWB. Drove by curiosity, I searched some informationabout it.


“Ultra-wideband (also known as UWB,ultra-wide band and ultraband) is a radio technology that can use a very lowenergy level for short-range, high-bandwidth communications over a largeportion of the radio spectrum. UWB has traditional applications in non-cooperativeradar imaging. Most recent applications target sensor data collection,precision locating and tracking applications.”


For more information, you can click here https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ultra-wideband

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I’ve summarized a few points from myperspective.


·Low power consumption

·Small transmit power

·High-speed transmission

·High security

·Short pulse, hard to be detected


·Low cost

·Good confidentiality

·Small electromagnetic radiation

·Fewer components

·Wide application


In recent years, some countries use its Sub-Nanosecondultra-short voltage pulses to indoor precise positioning at short range.


·Indoor communivations

·High Speed Wireless LAN

·Home Networking

·Cordless phone

·Security Detection



Most recent applications target sensor datacollection, precision locating and tracking applications.

Whatis the UWB PK-1000?

Now I’d like to introduce the UWB PK-1000Standard Edition.

PK-1000 is a cm-level accurate positioning/ distance measuring kit with independent intellectual property rights, featuredwith a scheduling system based on clock synchronization.
It is not cheap, $945.00, but worth thecost. Because the large system is much more expensive than this.
Thereare 5 boards and 1 antenna in this standard edition. The boards include 4*Figure2 PK-1000 anchors (the green one) and 1* Figure 1 PK-1000 tag ( the blackone)
The 4 green Figure2 PK-1000 anchors can beused as the base station. So, you can track the black Figure 1 PK-1000 tag inthe range of the 4 anchors.

There is a video in the product page.

The video is about the accuracy of thePK-1000. There is a white screen, which shows the layout of a restaurant. A manin this restaurant is holding the black PK-1000 tag. The blue point on thewhite screen shows his location. We can see that it is very precise whetherfrom the aspect of time or location. When the man is moving, the blue point ismoving. When he stopped, the point stopped without any delay. If the man’sroute is not straight, the route of the blue point must bend a little bit,which is totally match the man.


It occurred to me that, we can use the UWBPK-1000 in warehousing for goods positioning. It must be very convenient andsave much labor cost.



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