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Problems flashing ESP8266 Sparkfun Thing Development board


I like the look of Mongoose OS but I'm falling at the first hurdle. I am using Sparkfun Thing Dev Board, which uses DTR to link to RST and GPIO0 to automatically put the board into programming mode. I wonder if this is what's at the root of the problem?

I've tried using the mos web UI to flash the board. I connect GPIO0 to GND to switch to flash mode before plugging in. The serial port gets picked up OK (listed under 'serial ports on this machine' as /dev/cu-usbserial-DNxxxxxx) and then I choose ESP8266 and hit the flash button.

Can anyone tell me what's going on here, and how to coax the board into taking the new firmware?

Further to this - and rather important to me, particularly given this experience so far - assuming I can manage that and get Mongoose running, how would I subsequently remove it and return to the native ESP8266 environment to program through the Arduino IDE as I'm doing today?

I'd like to not permanently brick my board, but can't find any reassurance that reverting is possible?

Please help.


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References: https://forum.mongoose-os.com/discussion/1278/problems-flashing-esp8266-sparkfun-thing-development-board

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