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Raspberry Pi Relay Board disappearing from i2c bus


I'm trying to use the"Raspberry Pi Relay Board v1.0"in a little project of mine. I'm using a Raspberry Pi model 1 B running Raspbian GNU/Linux 8 (jessie). Whilst it was on the bench, i managed to set up and test all my peripherals successfully. However now I'm running it in it's installation, the Relay Board will disappear from the bus after a period of time (~1 hour) (Most of my testing was only over a shorter period of time).

What works:

    Power cycle (reboot or unplug/replug) the board is visible to i2cdetect.

What I've tried:

    Unplugging and reseated

    Initially it was on a ribbon cable and now mounted directly on the Pi - no difference

What I've yet to try:

    Different Power Supply (Current one is rated at 5v 10w/2A so should be up to it)

I have 2 other sensors (Adafruit BMP280 and TSL2561) which both operate without any issue. I've had a scan of various logs and can't see anything obvious.

Does anyone have any suggestions I could try?

Is there something in particular to look for in the logs?

Is there any command to rescan the i2c bus?

When it works, it does exactly what I want but as it happens to disappear a lot, it's proving to be a bit frustrating!

Any help gratefully received.

Many thanks,
matt.wellardMar 26,2017 02:52 AMAdd Comment


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