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ReSpeaker Mic Array - Record Each Microphone Individually

I'm trying to calculate relative time delays between each microphone recording the same signal. To do this, I want to be able to record each microphone individually, giving me a 7-channel wav file output. However, every resource (Audacity, get_device_info_by_index, alsamixer, etc.) that I use to check the maximum number of audio input/output channels gives me 2. Is it possible to record each microphone in the array separately? I read that using the 0x82 (raw) firmware, it's possible to record up to 8 channels. However, the firmware on the mic array is v0.9.99. Is there a way to downgrade to 0x82 (raw)?

If it helps, we're using a Raspberry Pi 3 to interface with the array.

Any help is greatly appreciated, I've been stuck on this for months.

drewnakamura464Dec 01,2017 13:13 PMAdd Comment


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