Respeaker 4 Mic Array Led Flashes


I have a rasberry pi 3 wearing a Respeaker 4 Mic array that seems to be working alright, but  I found one oddity.

After playing with the demos in the 4mics_hat repo for a bit I noticed when the LED's first receive data a single (or sometimes multiple) led will flash white real quick.

Has anyone else noticed this or could I have a faulty unit?

I tried creating a wakeup function to test in the script that looks something like:

def wakeup(self, direction=0):
pixels = [0, 0, 0, 0] * self.pixels_number
and the flashing LED is very obvious when excuted. It only blinks when the function is called the first time, it seems subsequent calls to don't exhibit the blink.

Happy to provide anymore info.

Finnell.TimDec 22,2017 15:44 PMAdd Comment


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