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Respeaker far field mic blinking? Strange behavior.

I did only buy the Respeaker far field microphone, but it does, eachtime after powering it up, blink 6-10 times the 3 led in the 0deg. (usb side) position.

It also often blinks 6-10 on the same position, when it is total silence.

Most sensitive postions are 90 and 270, the 180 deg not so often (have to speak directly and loudly).

Strange behavior: making a strong hissing sound make the 3 led blink at a 135 deg or 225 deg position (depending which mic is"spoken"too). These positions never light up with normal voice. Does the mic only have 4 directions.

Recording with audacity on OSX, does not work more than 30 seconds before becoming gibberish noise.

I tried a firmware update to the last xvms 32, didn't change anything.

When I tried the raw firmware 83, microphone Nr.5 is extreme noisy (cannot understand what was recorded), compared to the other ones (not great quality but voice is intelligible).

Is there any blinking error code?

Do I have a defective unit?

Marc StoecklinAug 09,2017 06:18 AMAdd Comment


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