Seeed Studio BOM generator for KiCad

I was really happy to see the release of the Open Parts Library (OPL) for KiCad, as I'm using KiCad for pretty much all my electronics designs these days. Recently I made my first FusionPCB order, and needed to attach a BOM in format defined by the given template, that is something like:

Part/Designator,Manufacturer Part Number/Seeed SKU,Quantity

To help with generating the BOM .csv from the design automatically, I've made a KiCad plugin. It's written in Python and tries to make use the conventions defined in Seeed's OPL collection, which are:

* OPL parts have a"SKU"value defined, that's the default value to export
* If there's no"SKU", then a"MPN"field (Manufacturer Part Number) is searched and exported
* If neither is found for a part, then that's not exported, and at the end of the export a warning is issued

Thus for every part either set a"SKU"with the OPL part number or an"MPN"value.

Get the plugin from, clone it somewhere on your computer, then add the plugin in eeschema, and use it with Generate:

It's a pretty simple plugin, but I've learned a bunch along the way. I kinda wish the BOM included a bit more info (e.g. manufacturer info when MPN is added), but if that's all what Seeed needs, then it's fine.

Happy manufacturing, and happy to hear any feedback!

GergelyMay 20,2017 00:06 AMAdd Comment


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