Windows isn't recognizing actual size of raid 0. Help?


I'm scratching my head here. I can't seem to get Windows to recognize that it's set in raid, even though I've set up and formatted the drives TWICE. The size volume recognized by windows only shows the volume size of a single drive instead of double what it should be. I have 2 2Tb drives I'm trying to configure for RAID 0, so after windows installation it should show ~4Tb in total. It shows 2Tb, and I've verified this twice thinking I missed something on the first attempt.

I'm trying to retrace my steps just to verify that the configuration was right. I have the SATA bios settings set to RAID as opposed to AHCI and the raid configuration tool (ctrl+I) indeed shows the volume in raid 0 with striping: 2 1.8Tb (3.7Tb in total) drives and running smooth. I made sure the second time that the volume was indeed setup in RAID 0 striping, not RAID 1 mirroring. I've double checked windows during the installation to ensure it's being installed to a 3.7Tb volume, which it did in fact show as. But when I check the partition size after desktop shows (immediately after Windows installs) Local Disk (C:) displays a 1.99Tb volume, not 3.7Tb. It's like it configuring to raid 1 since it's showing the volume size that of only a single drive. I'm completely confused. What am I missing?

Please help.


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