Use LinkIt 7697 to Make Fall Device

by 1092663243 6 days ago


MediaTeklaunched LinkIt 7697 ,itis a powerful development board, but only used to do remote control car? Itrecklessly waste God's good gifts. The strengths of is theperformance processors and memory, it faster larger than most 8bits ATMEL 328 series which in the Arduino ...

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Analysis of the Security Function of LinkIt 7697

by cheng.shuang 1 week ago


When new development board comes out, we always want to figure out what features it is? Is suitable for everyone apply? According feature list, there are lots of professional terms and nouns; seems familiar but not specific enough. Therefore, this article tries introduce the function specification board, LinkIt 7697 HDK. In consideration space, I will ...

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Top 3 Fruit Piano Projects

by molly 1 week ago

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Tired of your boring keyboard? You may be looking for some new projects to get teeth into.We’ve made sure pick fun and genuinely fruit piano using different development platforms, so read on start exploring ways make a piano. (1) Arduino Fruit PianoThe basic concept is simple. Each key voltage divider circuit involving two resistors: one 1-megaohm ...

LinkIt 7697 can be used to detect falling Bracelets

by 1092663243 1 week ago


LinkIt 7697 is more intuitive in design than previous LinkIt, One, and 7688 Duo, it's easier to get started. out of the boxIt also used with Duo pin pin, reducing need for welding, because it can be directly inserted solder-free breadboard , or DuPont line connected module's feet.LinkIt back, same row seat as easy plug-free bread package boardPlease ...

Sound, light, color - a visual feast from Red Hot Chili Peppers

by 415779107 2 weeks ago


Today, I'd like to introduce a new media installation for the concert from Red Hot Chili Peppers. If you were there, I'm sure you'll be shocked too. Next, let's go and have look.Kinetic is synced with digital content on stage responds rhythm of show. by moment factory.The fruit this collaboration was revealed in September 2016 launch Peppers’ arena tour, ...

Portable Environment Monitor

by zhe.pan 2 weeks ago


This brilliant project is published in, made by Chathuranga Liyanage.Background StoryToday we are a world where can see many forest cutting, water pollution and so things that destroy our environment. Currently there organizations to stand against them. But that's not enough. If make young generation them, it will lead green future.To ...

The Absolut Company Creation Contest – Guillaume Marmin

by 2 weeks ago


Absolut Compagny Creation launches a contest for show-setting talents in order to create the second OX machine, after one conceived by Romain Tardy. The installation will be part of tour.After degree at Lyon II University and ARFIS, Guillaume Marmin conceives audiovisual installations. He generally works concerts shows general, exploring new ways ...

About the UWB PK-1000

by Berrywhale 2 weeks ago


What is UWB? I happened to get acquainted with thecommunication technology, UWB. Drove by curiosity, searched some informationabout it. “Ultra-wideband (also known as UWB,ultra-wide band and ultraband) a radio technology that can use very lowenergy level for short-range, high-bandwidth communications over largeportion of the spectrum. ...

Let's Go HAT Shopping: Extending Your Pi's Functionality

by seth.welday 2 weeks ago

A dignified Raspberry Pi with its HAT.Note: We have our Party going on - check it out and grab some deals!Raspberry Pis are commonplace for many makers engineers around the globe -- which of course make sense as empowers us to tackle problems that previously were too expensive and/or complex. I love things it’s amazing community offers, but do a favorite: ...

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9 Steps to Make your Own Danbo

by sunsunflower0107 3 weeks ago

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Who is Danbo?Danbo (ダンボー Danbō,"cardboard") a fictional cardboard box robot character from Kiyohiko Azuma's manga series Yotsuba&!. In reality, Danbo merely person inside of costume made cardboard.In the three-dimensional real world, we can make our own Danbos by using Seeeduino V4.2 and other Seeed hardware. words, these open source hardware ...

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