Introducing the Wio Series – a Hardware Solution that Grows

by molly 16 hours ago

Marketing Manager

We all know it is no secret thathardware development difficult and can often be resource intensive. Strongbase components to build a product, such as the processor communicationchipsets, have found, tested, evaluated sure they will bothscale with production in for product's lifespan.Then we begin long process of development. The core ...


by dsrc12 1 week ago


I am still working on using LEDs in art. LEDs the base of art works change colour and are projected thru acrylic to provide light for laser engraved work. The outline is cut. have engraving facilities will be this. In meantime here Sydney Opera House changing its colours. can link colours anything from music weather room occupancy. It an example ...

arduinogrovelaser artnode-red
Control Your Music Players with Hand Gestures

by molly 2 weeks ago

Marketing Manager

This is a super cool device that you canuse gesture to control the media player. You can simply think this akeyboard use trigger.In fact principle of verysimple, we seeedstudio Arch run USB protocol stack, so thecomputer will regard board as an keyboard, and Grove – GestureSensor which based on PAJ7620 trigger. Check making process following ...

Wireless products comparison #Seeed's Techtalk

by molly 2 weeks ago

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Protocol Frequency Standard Compliant Radio Communication Distance Net Speed Suitable For Product Wi-Fi b/g/n 2.4G/5G IEEE.802.11 5m~20m 11~433Mbit/s High Bandwidth Home Internet networking (video cameras) ZigBee 868MHz 915MHz ...

How to measure and display the distance with Arduino

by molly 2 weeks ago

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This tutorial contain two parts. The first one will teach you to measure distance with Grove - Ultrasonic Ranger and display the on the LCD RGB backlight. The another how control number of illuminated LEDs LED strip by moving your hand up fall above a Ranger.Check out video here: ...

Make a Voice-Control IR Remote Controller by Arduino

by 啸天 吴 1 month ago


In our latest project named DIY your ReSpeaker Adapter(Voice Control), we introduced how to control adapter using voice, but it can only switch-signal appliances, such as table lamp fan and so on.This time I’ll show you use voice some complex household appliances like smart TV air conditioner the new thing ReSpeaker, which allow interact with world ...

respeakerspeech recognitionremote control
DIY a Raspberry Game - 2048

by 啸天 吴 1 month ago


Game 【2048】is a single-player sliding block puzzle game by Italian web developer Gabriele Cirulli. 2048 was originally written in JavaScript and CSS during weekend, released on March 9, 2014, as free open-source software subject to the MIT license.The game's objective is slide numbered tiles grid combine them create tile with number 2048.In this ...

raspberry pi2048
Converting Seeed OPL EagleCAD library to KiCad

by Geoff Steele 3 months ago

This recipe contains notes for the OPL volunteer team converting the EagleCAD OPL library to libraries for KiCad. If you'd like to join the team, drop an email to James from Seeed, at

oplkicadopen parts library
[FAQ]coskun.aydinoglu asked about Motor Shield V2.0

by coskun.aydinoglu 3 months ago

I have two 3 Volt DC motors. When used the sample code. works perfectly for individually each motor. However when try make them work both, It doesn't work. IN1 led is always red. use 6V 500mAh battery as external supply. May it be reason? What kind of should use? ...

Product FAQmotorlinkit onemovementmc33932
My diy ground control station

by adawang150 4 months ago

Well first of all I'll start with the reason I chose to build this ground station instead using a laptopSo after many times carrying laptop around assembling and disassembling parts cables xbees usb such figured my days as will be numberedBecause decided that needed would save me need deal in field more durable then laptop. ...

diycontrol station
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