LinkIt 7697 VS ESP 32,Who is winner?

by 1092663243 4 weeks ago


During the COMPUTEX show on June 2014 ,MediaTek (MTK) has published LinkIt ONE and Connect (or 7681) platform. a higher specification performance, not only integrates matches communication function chip, but also compatible Arduino development environment,It raised sensation shortly after published. MediaTek 7681 platform In contrast, ...

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FAQ of ReSpeaker and Mic Array

by jerryyip 2 months ago


This is the FAQ of ReSpeaker and Mic Array. If you have any other questions, feel free to post it here :) We are willing help you!Factory resetOpen serial console or a ssh session run firstboot. More detailWi-Fi configWe advise configure Wi-Fi via WEB-UI and if can't be used, try command line tool wictl at console.How change BING speech api recognize ...